It’s lovely to be asked – a post about self-harm.

Late last month I received an exciting email. Someone from the website Love What Matters sent me a message. They’d liked some of the things I’d written, they said, and wondered if I would want to write something for them.

I’m pretty sure Academy Award winners aren’t as thrilled. I love props. Especially when it’s for something that’s important to you that you pretend really isn’t because no one in your circle in particular seems to care. Which sounds a tad bitter and I should probably work on that.

At any rate, I’d been kicking around the idea of doing another bit about self-mutilation, though there is a clever new acronymic name for it: NSSI, or “non-suicidal self-injury”. I dislike the name change, it’s part of the trend to sanitize ugly stuff that I deplore. But, it seemed like a good time to write about it since I’ve been struggling.

They like what I wrote, and it went up this week, so here’s the link. I called it “Holes”.

10 thoughts on “It’s lovely to be asked – a post about self-harm.

  1. Great article, it’s very brave of you to be so honest and tell your story. Your story (and the “method” of self-harm) made me think about Christina Beck’s movie Perfection (which can be seen for free and legally on Tubi). It also deals with this destructive feeling of being “imperfect” and she cuts and pick at her face’s skin too.
    Thanks for the article and well done!

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  2. Thank you for sharing. Wow- what a journey! I am humbled by your strength and honesty. You are bringing secrets to light to potentially help others feel comfortable airing their own. I know for me secrets keep me sick and full of shame. Thank you again and congratulations on being asked to do the piece then being brave enough to create something beautiful.

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  3. The “pretty-ing” words up is insane.
    I read your article. It definitely has the ability to leave one speechless after reading it.
    People who have never experienced something like that have no idea the extend people go to…

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    1. It’s true. Even people in my circle don’t really “get” it, nor do I really expect them to though I might wish it. I can barely wrap my head around the things I do myself. But, I do really believe that the shame is harmful, so, I try to own it.

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