Chronic pain and mental illness.

When you add chronic pain to mental illness, you get a perfect storm of fuckery. It’s a miserable convergence that’s leaving me not only unmoored but unable to figure out how to fix the situation: I’m distracted by the miseries of pain and pins and needles that rip up my body in greater and lesser…… Continue reading Chronic pain and mental illness.

Self-Love is a good call.

I’ve been cleaning up my life, and part of that is email. I’ve been furiously unsubscribing to the junk advertising that poses as things I need to know. And yet, occasionally, some of my subscriptions bear fruit. Take the newsletter I recently received from Clementine. Clementine, for those not in the know, is a hypnotherapy/mediation…… Continue reading Self-Love is a good call.

What the hell am I doing and why I should do it?

A fantastic essay about the challenging, perpetual battle of misery that is depression (major and persistent). Have you ever woken up, just lying there in bed, wondering to yourself if it’s really worth it going to work. To be woken up unnaturally by whatever …What the hell am I doing and why I should do…… Continue reading What the hell am I doing and why I should do it?