Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

I’d credit the image below – it isn’t mine – but I can’t find the source. I searched Chrome, but isn’t unique. There are thousands of nearly identical offerings with this colour scheme or that background the only difference. Perhaps it’s a collection of tiles from someone’s Power Point presentation? I miss doing Power Points.…… Continue reading Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

Chronic pain and mental illness.

When you add chronic pain to mental illness, you get a perfect storm of fuckery. It’s a miserable convergence that’s leaving me not only unmoored but unable to figure out how to fix the situation: I’m distracted by the miseries of pain and pins and needles that rip up my body in greater and lesser…… Continue reading Chronic pain and mental illness.

Self-Love is a good call.

I’ve been cleaning up my life, and part of that is email. I’ve been furiously unsubscribing to the junk advertising that poses as things I need to know. And yet, occasionally, some of my subscriptions bear fruit. Take the newsletter I recently received from Clementine. Clementine, for those not in the know, is a hypnotherapy/mediation…… Continue reading Self-Love is a good call.