It's lovely to be asked – a post about self-harm.

Late last month I received an exciting email. Someone from the website Love What Matters sent me a message. They’d liked some of the things I’d written, they said, and wondered if I would want to write something for them. I’m pretty sure Academy Award winners aren’t as thrilled. I love props. Especially when it’s …

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When we’re dying.

Things sink in at the damndest times. Thoughts I’ve had for years but haven’t felt in my bones percolate under the surface and then for no apparent reason, pop into my consciousness, but with depth and gut-deep understanding attached. They become more than words I say because I’m supposed to believe them even though large chunks of me don’t. I love “ah-ha” moments. That point in time when you finally get it...

a hole in my chin and an existential crisis

"trigger warning – self harm

I’m standing at a fork in the road and I’m paralyzed. It’s a pretty big fork, with plenty of places for me to play. I don’t play well with others a lot of the time so I’m here alone, which is unfortunate since the games I play when I’m by myself and feeling distressed generally involve some form of self-harm. This explains the half inch hole that I’ve dug in my chin that’s now infected..."