The healing of (passive aggressive) wounds.

I haven’t spent a day without at least one open wound on my person since I was nineteen, usually on my face. My work on eating disorder recovery is going well, but learning not to cut obsessively at the “imperfections” on my face is harder. [i] A combination of things led to the pattern of behaviour that doctors and other smart people now want to … Continue reading The healing of (passive aggressive) wounds.

Dark corners and crafts.

[Trigger warning. I reference self-harm. It might be disturbing.] I have a vague headache and I’m deciding between marijuana and ibuprofen. The numbed-out life has an appeal. I didn’t eat breakfast until about eleven. Definitely headache-contributing behaviour. I wasn’t hungry. I’m never hungry these days. That doesn’t stop me from rage eating compulsively every now and then. We are who we are, after all, and … Continue reading Dark corners and crafts.

Thank God for antibiotics.

Thank God for antibiotics. We mostly don’t die from simple infections anymore. The first was penicillin, discovered in the 1940s after British scientist Alexander Fleming observed the effect a specific kind of mold was having on infectious bacteria. Since then, antibiotics have been recognized as one of the greatest advances in therapeutic medicine. Prior to their introduction, doctors could do little for a variety of … Continue reading Thank God for antibiotics.

It’s lovely to be asked – a post about self-harm.

Late last month I received an exciting email. Someone from the website Love What Matters sent me a message. They’d liked some of the things I’d written, they said, and wondered if I would want to write something for them. I’m pretty sure Academy Award winners aren’t as thrilled. I love props. Especially when it’s for something that’s important to you that you pretend really … Continue reading It’s lovely to be asked – a post about self-harm.