My second dose and existentialism.

FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: A vial labelled with the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine is seen in this illustration picture taken March 19, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration//File Photo

I think about the meaning of life regularly. The “why” of existence – my own and in general terms – has always been a puzzle. Why people? Why life? Why headcheese? The largeness of the questions provokes my retreat, often in unhealthy ways. It gets scary out in the dark reaches. I avoided dealing with…… Continue reading My second dose and existentialism.

Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

I’d credit the image below – it isn’t mine – but I can’t find the source. I searched Chrome, but isn’t unique. There are thousands of nearly identical offerings with this colour scheme or that background the only difference. Perhaps it’s a collection of tiles from someone’s Power Point presentation? I miss doing Power Points.…… Continue reading Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

Fun with quotes.*

We reduced ourselves to hysterics last night by butchering that most famous of quotes from The Outsiders. I love the giggles of game night. Trivial Pursuit often makes us silly.

Stay gold, Ponyboy
Stay gold, Boypony…