thought soup on what i don’t know

"you can’t know what you don’t know. i heard this phrase the other day, or read it somewhere, and it has become stuck in my brain. it’s important, i think, and yet i’m having difficulty wrapping my head around it."

when your eating disorder co-opts your brain

"i think i want an afternoon snack. i think i might be hungry. it’s hard for me to tell. there’s a physical sense of emptiness in my stomach, a hollow rumbling, but i’m never totally convinced it means i should eat. i never quite believe my body when it tells me i’m hungry."

music notes: pick me up playlist

"the first thing i do in the morning, after i get up, start the coffee maker, and curse the toaster oven which refuses to work no matter how many times we replace it, is to settle in to read blog posts on WordPress. it’s a way to ensure that the morning doesn’t start off on a sour note."

problematic people pleasing

"many of my issues come from being an enormous people pleaser. i don’t believe i’m alone in that behaviour. it’s fine to take other people’s feelings and opinions into account when we’re interacting with them. the problem is one of degree."