I’m immortal, in an ‘I published a book’ kind of way.

I published a book. I’m immortal now, like Ozymandias. [i] I’ll exist long after the last tree has fallen and the last river has turned to dust. Or not. I have seller’s remorse. The temptation to log onto my account and undo what’s been done is enormous: that this mirrors bulimia, the theme of the …

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Festering and wallowing.

June 21, 2021. Festering and wallowing. We don’t know words the way we think we know words. A news story on my morning feed trumpeted the “hefty fine” a moronic, fireworks-spewing joyrider faced: one thousand dollars. The fine is many things – ridiculous, a joke, insufficient – but hefty it’s not. I’m left with the …

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The unexpected trigger.

Big trigger warning: includes references to sexual assault and suicide. I’m not a fan of triggered. The word, not the experience, though I dislike the latter as well. People use “triggered” the way they use “OCD.” It’s colloquial, not diagnostic, and they don’t mean it clinically. Usually, it means they’re uncomfortable. To be uncomfortable isn’t …

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