My page is suddenly in Czech. I have no idea. This better not be what today is going to be like. Anyhow, I sent WP a message but they are invariably excruciatingly slow, so if anyone knows how this happened and how I can fix it, please help. It’s not even the full moon.

Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

My garage door had some work done. The other doors are going to talk – it looks five years younger, all shiny with a lustrous dark brown coat. New paint. The TLC was overdue. I’ve lived here for twelve years and prior to last week, the only maintenance the door received was an occasional drive-by…… Continue reading Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

A certain age and chin hair.

I’m a “lady of a certain age”. That’s the term from the historical romances I have an affection for, though in those books, “a certain age” for women is anything over the age of twenty-two. I’m well-past twenty-two and have the eye cream to prove it. And yet, I don’t feel different from when I…… Continue reading A certain age and chin hair.

Painting rocks badly.

I’ve been painting rocks. It’s very relaxing. I have the time and I have the river rock. Painted rocks in the garden are very on-trend. You can even buy them on Amazon. No, really. You can buy rocks on Amazon.   I have a good selection of craft supplies to help me in my efforts.…… Continue reading Painting rocks badly.