About me

I write, though not as often as I wish.

I write about my eating disorder and my recovery from the same. I write about mental health. I write about the stray thoughts that pop into my head, though only some. Secrets are sometimes a good thing. I even write poetry, though less frequently of late.

I publish regularly or when I feel like it. My goal is to post three times a week but sometimes, I cheat. Hooray for the reblog.

I apologize in advance for the missed trigger warnings. I mostly don’t include them, what with this being a blog about mental health. Everything is triggering.

When it comes to writing about mental illnesses, I focus on anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and addictions (including the aforementioned eating disorder). I want to focus on areas of personal experience.

I’ve never gotten into the habit of looking for trigger warnings. I’ve always known who was responsible my intake and subsequent reaction. Me, in case you’re confused. People are keen to offload responsibility for their choices now: I don’t love it. I also don’t love that the “kids today” sentiment makes me sound crotchety. And, to be fair, it’s not only kids who are the problem. A lot of words to say I mostly don’t include trigger warnings.

I recently self-published a collection of essays from the blog. I decided to include the ten most popular pieces: the book thus became mostly about eating disorders. It’s available in e-book and paperback, and it’s priced to sell. If you pick up a copy, I’d love a review. Especially one that was kind.

Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by. 💜

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