When you can’t get out.

Long ago, in a galaxy that is this one, my employer decided that the annual holiday party should be a dinner and carolling cruise around the Vancouver harbour. Open bar. Dinner cruising is a popular local pastime – yachts of various sizes run them year-round featuring this theme or that one. They host them for the annual summer fireworks festival as well, though if you … Continue reading When you can’t get out.

When you have a green thumb.

“You have such a green thumb.” It’s a comment I hear often, most recently from my neighbour. I dropped off a little basket of tomatoes – I grew the cherry ones and they ripen faster than any one family can consume, though I’m giving it my all. She was commenting on not just the tomatoes, but on the dahlias, chrysanthemums, petunias, salvia, pansies, potatoes, pumpkins, … Continue reading When you have a green thumb.