I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been thinking. I’ve even been overthinking.

Sometimes, the thinking is good. Sometimes I enjoy my thoughts and the conclusions I come to. Especially when I’m solving the problems of the world. I can totally get it done. Does anyone know who I should call?

I wish I could think professionally. I could work at home, and I have decades of experience to draw from.

I could be a think tank of one. I do better when I’m thinking for other people, anyhow. When I’m ruminating on problems that exist “out there,” I’m creative and quick. Dealing with my stuff is a harder, slower process.

Because my brain is the way it is, dealing with my own stuff can be a risk. Currently, my skin is a little thin; agitating the underneath isn’t wise when the structure is unstable, as evidenced by yesterday’s miserable morning.

All hail Loxapine.

Still, as I remind myself later in the day, we can only be the version of ourself that’s available to us, and if my current version isn’t up to dealing with dire for sustained periods, then I will deal with things piecemeal. Luckily, that’s an option.

Very few things in life are about the one true way. Nuclear physics might be an exception.

The piecemeal approach is actually underway. I want to get my mental messes untangled before the days get short, and the British Columbia fall arrives in all its grey, dreary glory.

The unrelenting gloom will enervate even the most enthusiastic Pollyanna, and since that’s not me, I need my ducks in a row before time runs out.

Nothing like a mental clock counting down to motivate.

Tick tock.

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8 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking.

  1. Ehhh, here I was thinking you meant your actual skin thinning out and that Loxapine was an ointment. Ha! I hope this silliness makes you laugh.

    I’ve been wondering similarly. Since I currently live in a place where seasons blend together, I can’t even use the Fall/Winter things as an excuse. But I will anyway.

    Best wishes! Stay golden!

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      1. Yes, all returned to normal much quicker than I expected. I am over the moon with how things went. Next time, I will just hightail outta here. It’s just that I really enjoy the warmth/mild weather year round.
        Thank you for your thoughts!

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