The unexpected trigger.

Big trigger warning: includes references to sexual assault and suicide. I’m not a fan of triggered. The word, not the experience, though I dislike the latter as well. People use “triggered” the way they use “OCD.” It’s colloquial, not diagnostic, and they don’t mean it clinically. Usually, it means they’re uncomfortable. To be uncomfortable isn’t…… Continue reading The unexpected trigger.

There’s strangeness afoot.

I’m not big on anniversaries. My own, at any rate: I remember important ones that other people best not forget. Anxiety-extension: the fallout from other people’s screwups and potential screwups. I don’t like feeling other people’s pain when there’s an easy solution: keep them in my thoughts and on my calendar. I wish I weren’t…… Continue reading There’s strangeness afoot.

Slightly adrift.

Man plans and God laughs. Isn’t that how it goes? And yet, despite knowing the truth of those words, the random zigs and zags of life continue to surprise me. I’m currently computer-free. This wasn’t a choice, like my decision to bail on social media for a spell. “Spell” is such a nice, nostalgic word.…… Continue reading Slightly adrift.

Was gravity the best choice?

I’m not sure about gravity. I wasn’t a big fan of the movie either. The imagery was lovely, but I found the adulation over the top. I found it okay. Gravity does other things besides inspiring movies – I like an atmosphere as much as the next person – but it also causes me grief.…… Continue reading Was gravity the best choice?