Reblog: “Complementary states: we aren’t made for one thing.”

I’m busy doing a whole lot of nothing. It takes up a surprising amount of time. Within the nothing, I’ve painted the mudroom, done a bunch of exercising with the FitOn app (it’s awesome and free, though I did pay twenty or so dollars for the advanced options), and met my new orthopedic surgeons. They don’t think I need a hip replacement yet (yay!), but a different surgery. I was excited for seconds and will now be researching labral tears.

As for writing, I’ve got partially-down littering my desktop, but I’m finishing nothing. My heart is somewhat lacking. Family matters are taking up most of my time and energy, though listening to the audiobook on Classics I borrowed from the library makes me feel somewhat like I’m getting it done. I always wanted to study Classics, but my wardrobe wasn’t appropriate.

What the Classics profs looked like when I was at UBC.

My heart may not be not fully in it, but absence still has the guilt is rising. January’s Bloganuary got me used to posting regularly again. Now I feel antsy if there’s not a “publish” button calling my name. Thank God for the re-blog. As a bonus, one can edit and polish once more.

I expect to be approaching content perfection around 2162. Until then, I guess I’ll keep mixing it up.

3 thoughts on “Reblog: “Complementary states: we aren’t made for one thing.”

  1. I always wanted to study Classics, but my wardrobe wasn’t appropriate.
    I laughed so hard reading this sentence that I literally spit water all over my laptop. Thank you for that moment of pure joy, my beautiful friend. 🥰

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  2. I feel weird about not blogging on a pretty much daily basis, too. I need to get back in the shape of holding myself accountable. The tear sounds painful… You’ve got loads going on. Even if you might not be doing many things physically, your brain is probably running a million miles a minute and that is exhausting. Stay golden!

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