Not journaling, definitely not crying.

I’m not journaling. The pretty notebook I use to share my thoughts and feelings in lies nearby on the floor. I’m only feet away from getting it done, but my avoidant-urge is strong, my counselor’s admonishments about the importance of letting things out notwithstanding. I’d blame my depression, but using that as an excuse when…… Continue reading Not journaling, definitely not crying.

Radiation and eating disorders.

I’ve finished the radiation therapy for my early-stage breast cancer and despite my anxiety-driven imaginings, things went okay. Physically. Getting your head around the mental stuff is more of a challenge. First, you have to acknowledge something has happened. I had five weeks of treatment, four of nausea and fatigue, and very little burning compared…… Continue reading Radiation and eating disorders.

Cancer and an eating disorder.

The worst part about the appointment I had with my oncologist, beyond the fact that I have an oncologist which still seems surreal, was not going over the pathology results. Nor was it setting up the schedule for radiation which will run Mondays to Fridays for twenty-six sessions. The worst part was getting weighed. Which…… Continue reading Cancer and an eating disorder.