It speaks to me.

I don’t have a favourite song or quote. That suggests a singularity I find impossible to embrace. It’s a big world, full of ideas, thoughts, and musical offerings both shallow and profound. Favourites come and go. What we need and are drawn to varies with need and moment. I’m currently learning Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement for the piano. It’s lovely and will be … Continue reading It speaks to me.

Saturdays are for dancing.

I like to dance. I’ve had little in the way of training – I took a belly course once, and I studied gymnastics for a few years which is somewhat related. I’ve learned that training doesn’t matter, especially if you’re not onstage making it a career. Dancing is from the heart. And the hips. Don’t forget the hips. And lift those feet. Of course, finding … Continue reading Saturdays are for dancing.