The eating disorder and the most important lie.

Is it irony if, after I say “no trigger warnings,” I offer one? This got a little graphic, perhaps. A person with an active eating disorder might have problems with the content towards the end. An eating disorder will lie like a dog in order to get its way. It has no principles and no…… Continue reading The eating disorder and the most important lie.

Staying safe with counting: fun with OCD.

It occurred to me that some people might consider my title disrespectful – oh well. I thought about changing it, but decided not to. I also couldn’t decide if I should include a trigger warning, but since my “about” page mentions mental illness early on, I think we’ll consider it said.   I count. I’ve mentioned…… Continue reading Staying safe with counting: fun with OCD.

What’s draining your energy?

Originally posted on Life…Take 2!:
This is a great post for a Monday morning. It’s got good advice, but not an overwhelming amount: I’m inspired, but not intimidated. I’m going to print this list out and post it on the fridge: I want a good week, existing issues notwithstanding. After all, they remain whether I focus on the positive or… Continue reading What’s draining your energy?

250 words about writer’s block.

I think I have writer’s block. We’ll go with that, anyway. I write, I just hate every bit of what I produce. It’s stilted and never what I’m trying to say. The Recycle Bin on my desktop is getting a workout. (A brief pause as I change the channel on the background noise. “Dr. Phil”…… Continue reading 250 words about writer’s block.