Flashback Friday – Putterings

I feel adrift without the prod of a daily prompt. It’s an easy thing to find another source – Word Press itself will provide one if you ask – but I’m reluctant to commit to much beyond what’s already on my plate. Life’s about to get busy and nobody’s well-served by busy-squared.

And yet, there exists in the back of my mind a niggling sense of something left undone.

My blogging bones feel woefully underused.

My thanks to Fandango for the Flashback Friday inspiration. I’m not fully authentic with this throwback since it dates from tomorrow, 2019. The insight into pre-pandemic life is also less than I’d hoped for, mostly because what I wrote on that day was poetry.

There’s still too much putter.

My brain follows the rhyme a lot of the time.

6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Putterings

  1. I agree with not being busy for the sake of being busy, but if you’re feeling like something is missing, perhaps having daily prompts sent to you is still a good idea. You don’t need to tackle them when they launch—put the ones you like (and don’t want to immediately tackle) in an idea list and ignore the prompts that don’t appeal to you. You are the boss of you and your blog. Any pressure to post is completely self-imposed. Your readers and supprters will be here no matter how often you post or which prompts you choose. If you enjoy writing, keep doing it as much as you can. We all need more joy in our lives!

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  2. Heather said it well – if you’re writing appetite is not satiated then keep on doing it while you are still not busy. Then, when you are, things might go two ways – you might not have time/energy/inspiration/whathaveyou, or you might need something to run away towards when you’re overwhelmed. Whatever it is, embrace it and don’t worry ahead of time.


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