Fear facts.

What’s up with fear? I get the survival component: we wouldn’t be a successful species if we all wanted to play with gorillas, but does it have to be so persistent during non-dire situations? I don’t like racing hearts and flop sweats. [i] I’m afraid frequently. Partly because I suffer from anxiety and partly because…… Continue reading Fear facts.

Skinned knees hurt.

I’m no good at skateboarding. It’s not about balance. I do yoga on the semi-regular and can hold a tree with the middlest of them. It’s about impact on cement and being kind of a chicken. I’m also pretty willing to give up. As Homer Simpson says, “if something’s hard to do, it’s not worth…… Continue reading Skinned knees hurt.


I can do what I want. This is true of everyone. We’re not as constrained as we like to think. At least not in any real sense. The constraints we experience are primarily self-imposed. We choose what we do. We choose what we don’t do. We allow ourselves to be constrained. There are reasons. Often,…… Continue reading Constraints.

We don’t hit.

My 21-month old grandson punched me in the face last night. It was not an accident – he was extremely angry with me. I was being unreasonable; I wouldn’t let him pull a thirty-pound picture down from the wall onto his head. He wanted to undertake this course of action very much and his frustration over my refusal was expressed by violence. In return, he was placed on the floor and admonished, yet again, “We don’t hit. We like gentle hands.”…