Quit smoking or don’t, time marches on.

I quit smoking two years ago yesterday. It seems both longer and like no time at all. I’m not an ex-smoker who misses it. Though I’d tried before August 2020 to quit and had been unsuccessful, this time it took. I quit and didn’t look back. I wore the patch for a few days, had a few low-level cravings, and that was it. I worried … Continue reading Quit smoking or don’t, time marches on.

Flying: something I wish I knew how to do.

“What’s something you wish you knew how to do?” I wish I knew how to answer questions like that for a start. I never know what information they’re trying to solicit, and I don’t like to be wrong. Are they asking for lighthearted thoughts, or is this a “probe the depths of your soul” kind of query? Anxiety prefers concrete direction. One thought sprung instantly … Continue reading Flying: something I wish I knew how to do.

Criticism or celebration?

I was walking to the corner store to buy candy with my meagre allowance one bright summer morning, skipping cracks because who wants a mother with a broken back, and when I looked up, I was fifty-two. There’s a lifetime in the gap, but I forget all too often the history in my history, focusing only on the ugly bits, which, excluding the eating disorder … Continue reading Criticism or celebration?