It speaks to me.


I don’t have a favourite song or quote. That suggests a singularity I find impossible to embrace. It’s a big world, full of ideas, thoughts, and musical offerings both shallow and profound.

Favourites come and go.

What we need and are drawn to varies with need and moment.

I’m currently learning Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement for the piano. It’s lovely and will be my favourite for a while, I suspect. The melancholic inevitability of the melody speaks to me. When I was seven, it was Moonlight Sonata that had the voice.

Beethoven is my favourite of the classical composers.

Andrew Lloyd Webber in the nineties, along with The Indigo Girls.

I’m listening to what L’il Nax X has to say quite often as well. Music varies much between one artist and the next. It’s a conundrum of the human condition – we’re unique while also being very much the same.

Quotes that I mull over vary with season and need as well. Of late, I’ve been attracted to one that references boundaries. I struggle, you see, so quotes that offer support and reassurance are welcome. Like this one by Morgan Richard Olivier that I recently stumbled across.

I like the neutrality of detachment. This is my current goal.

I have a few others that I’ve been enjoying regularly. I keep my current batch of inspirational memes and quotes on the desktop. I shuffle things in and out as the mood strikes.

header art: Nathan Walsh

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