I love a good aphorism.

I like to think I’m good at metaphor. Part of the reason for that is that metaphors don’t have to be pithy. I’m team-why use one word when six are standing by in the queue? I try to keep Stephen King’s admonishments against adverbs in mind, but it’s hard.

Why give us words if we’re not supposed to use them?

I’m also not brilliant at haiku. I’m starting to suspect I’m not restrained.

I like tidy, but spartan I’m not and will never be. I love my stuff. I admire, however, people who have a gift for doing much with little, whether it’s books in the library or words on the page.

Keep the rhizome in mind.

(header credit: The New Yorker)

6 thoughts on “I love a good aphorism.

  1. I think everyone has different expectations of how many words you should use. I like getting to the point – so, therefore – fewer words, but then some people don’t get what I’m saying because they can’t read my mind. I use few words to describe the world I write about because I mostly care about the plot, but ‘experts’ say that you need to world-build. But when you do – you’re using unnecessary, filler words. Which one is it? Eh, I guess time and place for everything?

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