Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

I’d credit the image below – it isn’t mine – but I can’t find the source. I searched Chrome, but isn’t unique. There are thousands of nearly identical offerings with this colour scheme or that background the only difference.

Perhaps it’s a collection of tiles from someone’s Power Point presentation? I miss doing Power Points. I miss doing Excel charts. I digress.

I’d planned to write a piece around the graphic, something pointed and gently witty, but the image has been sitting on my desktop for two weeks now and the ship for doing something time-consuming with it has failed. Creativity has fled.

Procrastination is the death of inspiration.

I still like the graphic. I still believe it’s a handy bit of information to not only review, but tape onto a handy bit of flat surface (I use the mirror over my dresser).*

I used to scoff at the idea of putting up things that might help, but that was just my mental illness trying to keep me down. The quotes, the printouts of “what to do when you’re depressed” lists, and my vision boards have been very helpful. Especially the one in the middle. You quickly forget to drink water, change your clothes, or breathe any kind of fresh air when depression is in charge.

On the bright side, I think I’m now single-handedly sustaining the sugar industry. I should probably stop buying popsicles.

I like the simplicity of the image: brain chemicals are good. Here are some ways to make them.

Side note: my doctors have spent my adult life working on my dopamine and serotonin levels, but I suspect oxytocin is also important when it comes to major depressive disorder. At least, that’s the word from the inside.

18 thoughts on “Happiness chemicals and how to hack them.

    1. I’m so sad: grape is my second favourite, right behind red. I’ve been buying the bags of freezies at dollarama.

      Massage is a fabulous idea. I wonder why I always forget that’s a thing?


  1. A motorcycle is a very easy way to feel better (unless you crash into a truck). I suggest a Dual Sport bike like the Yamaha TÊnÊrÊ 700, you’ll probably be the first kid on your block to have one. 🏍

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      1. I suggested a Dual Sport because they’re light. The last thing you want is to have to pick up a 900 pound Harley. My motorcycle class was free and we rode around on 250’s.

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        1. He’s three and a pistol. He’s like his mom – his a kid who is very fond of the word “why.” He’s actually standing beside me asking what I’m doing this second, all fresh-smelling from the bath 😊

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