The Hunter Moon is trying to kill me.

I’ve a lovely post about “could-do” rather than “must-do” going, but I haven’t finished it yet. I’ve another one about Kegels and ear wax that’s little more than a title, the title being “Kegels and ear wax.” Things have been a little chaotic here on Walton Mountain since the October full moon. (update: I’m turfing…… Continue reading The Hunter Moon is trying to kill me.

Be like a sunflower.

I abandoned Facebook recently and every day, my mood celebrates that decision. Still, the occasionally meaningful graphic is nice. I found one on Pinterest. I have a fondness for things that look nostalgic. It’s good advice – stand tall and find the light – but it should come with a corollary. Something in an “evil…… Continue reading Be like a sunflower.

The one percent cuts like a knife.*

I like serendipity, and although there’ve been challenges in my life (my whinier self thinks to an unfair degree), I’ve been lucky in the serendipity stakes. Evidence includes the essay below showing up when I needed to read it. Of late, the challenges in my life seem to centre around relationships. I struggle with boundaries.…… Continue reading The one percent cuts like a knife.*