Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

I took a social media vacation a few weeks back, and I have to say, it ended up being a good thing. I felt better, calmer and more at ease within a few days. I’m back now, I’m allowed to play once more, but I find I’m mostly staying away. The break allowed me to see social media and the person I am on it more clearly.

I’m not a fan.

The extra time not scrolling afforded me was lovely. It nullified most of my excuses for not working on my compilation book or ensuite renovation.

The latter is coming along, albeit slowly. I’m almost ready to start new construction. Getting the room repaired so building can begin takes time. I don’t want to rush things: I don’t want mould to regrow because I was impatient.

The former, my compilation book, is done. I’ve tweaked things so many times; even Word is begging me to stop. At this point, I’m only making things worse. Barring my last bit of research, I’m good to go.

How horrifying.

One thing the editing process has shown me is that perfection is a pipedream. Still, one must try. Luckily, my creative writing well is a tad dry. I now have time to extend the editing run to the posts I haven’t revisited recently.

What to choose? How to pick? I decided on anniversaries. I didn’t know I’d be revisiting death and dying.

It was nice to think about Robert again (Encounters with Death, From Famine to Feast, March 10, 2020).

Do you like to revisit your past creative efforts or do you like to let them lie, let them live unaltered?
Have you taken a social media vacation? Did you like it? Did your social media habits change permanently?

13 thoughts on “Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

    1. I think that was my biggest fear – the missing out of the “important” stuff. What if they throw a party and I don’t know? The reality is I’m calmer. I recommend continuing to reduce it. I’m staying on low rations myself 😃

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  1. I’m glad your break proved fruitful.

    As far as my past work is concerned – I have to be in the right frame of mind to go back to it and when I do, I need to be honest with myself about what I plan on doing. I’ve gone back to some poetry pieces that I know were deep for me when I wrote them but once I got back to them years later, I could not “get it.” It’s impossible to rewrite them (unless we’re just sprucing up typos, punctuation, etc) because you’re not feeling the same emotions you did back when you wrote them. At least that is how it works for me. I don’t really go back to my NROPs or other non-creative writing posts because there are just SO many and I simply don’t have time. My CW pieces? I rarely do. Although, the plan for the future IS to go back, revise, rewrite if necessary, and expand on them, maybe even putting them into a collection of short stories. All of that requires time, which I don’t have much of 😦

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  2. I decided to take a break from social media for Lent this year. Lent isn’t quite over yet, but I’ve already deleted or have decided to delete most of my accounts. I’ve been using the time to read, knit, and write more and want to expand my creative efforts even more. 😊

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    1. It’s funny, isn’t it? We think, “oh, I can’t stop” and then we do, and it’s awesome. It’s funny – it hasn’t even been around that long.

      Props on the knitting. I’m not good at hand-crafts. I enjoy painting bad pictures.

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