Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

I took a social media vacation a few weeks back, and I have to say, it ended up being a good thing. I felt better, calmer and more at ease within a few days. I’m back now, I’m allowed to play once more, but I find I’m mostly staying away. The break allowed me to…… Continue reading Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

It’s hard not to Jekyll and Hyde on Twitter.

I like Twitter. I also find it problematic. That is, I find my behaviour tends to the problematic when I’m on Twitter. I use different social media platforms for different things. Facebook is keeping up with friends and family and funny memes. WordPress is reading and writing. Pinterest is for killing time adding projects I’ll…… Continue reading It’s hard not to Jekyll and Hyde on Twitter.

What about podcasts?

I don’t listen to podcast. I wish I did, sort of. Some of them seem quite interesting. I try periodically but I find multitasking to them ineffectual; they don’t work as background noise the way music does. You have to pay attention. If I try to multitask while they’re playing, I don’t take in what I’m listening to and the task I’m trying to perform ends up half-assed. I have the same problem with audiobooks. I can’t do anything but listen and since that’s the case, I prefer to read. Sitting and doing nothing but listening is difficult for me…

A rise in escapism.

Three hundred hours of video are upload to YouTube every minute, and 317,000 status updates are posted on Facebook. Netflix users spent one hundred and forty million hours a day watching content. Hulu and other streaming services are growing. Social media platforms are expanding. We’re all looking at the screens, all captivated by images and posts and tweets and pictures of baby animals. Time becomes meaningless. Planned minutes on the TV or computer or phone become hours. We never look up. We rarely look away. What then, are we missing? What don’t we see?…