i see you.

(I have plans to write things relevant and recent. I have notes on my desk and thoughts in my head. I jotted something down in my journal the other day, aided by my decision to toss the diary I’d started but couldn’t love. Happiness is a spiral binding, at least when it comes to me and my notebooks. Eating disorders are hell. Recovery is also … Continue reading i see you.

What if Indy couldn’t run?

Life’s interesting. It’s also the only game in town. I wonder if that’s why we’re committed to liking it: there are no other options. You can’t request a transfer to life, section seven if you feel this one isn’t working out. God should’ve checked in with universities on scheduling and course layout. If life was a television show, the reviews would include words like “torturous,” … Continue reading What if Indy couldn’t run?