Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

I took a social media vacation a few weeks back, and I have to say, it ended up being a good thing. I felt better, calmer and more at ease within a few days. I’m back now, I’m allowed to play once more, but I find I’m mostly staying away. The break allowed me to…… Continue reading Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

So. Death.

I didn’t think I was still bothered by death. We’re not unacquainted, after all. I thought I had more equanimity about the process. I can talk the talk. We’re dying from the moment we’re born. We’re mortal. The clock starts ticking the moment we first draw breath. None of us knows when our time is…… Continue reading So. Death.

Thinking about death: thoughts on life.

I think about death sometimes. I think about being not dead and what that means. I think about all the time I spent, passively and actively trying to get dead. I think about death less than I used to but perhaps more than many other people. At least I suspect I do. When you dance…… Continue reading Thinking about death: thoughts on life.