older now

i was old at twenty,

cynical in the ways of love,

having loved and lost a time or two.


i was smarter than i am now,

certain of my conclusions and stances,

able to categorize the world neatly into black and white.


i was deep and bottomless,

a well of emotions and important feelings routinely emoted,

a swinging pendulum that vacillated from despair to euphoria.


i lived and time passed.

i watch the me that was and marvel at the pretentiousness,

amusing now that i know

that twenty is only a toe in the shallows of all that will come.


i’m younger now at forty,

innocent and inexperienced,

unprepared for the vastness of emotion that life offers.


undereducated and ill-equipped,

but aware of my lacking knowledge,

growing more accepting,

seeing now life’s tones and shadows and greys.


i am flip and glib and skate the surface,

more careful with my heart and soul.

time brings an understanding of how low you can fall.


i am more than i thought, and

everything is bigger and sharper and infinitely more complex,

and the only certainty i have is that

i’m not fully grown.

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