Reblog: We forget – it’s a good thing.

I don’t love the “reblog” button on posts, mine or anyone else’s. It doesn’t work the way I want it to: I have to pop back to my page to make changes anyhow. To save time, I now reblog essays, mine or anyone else’s, by creating a new post with an attachment. The great thing…… Continue reading Reblog: We forget – it’s a good thing.

Who am I (in a non-existential sort of way)?

Hidden amongst the recent chaos that’s my life – the Chinese curse, may you live in interesting times definitely applies – I had an anniversary. It’s been fours years since I started my blog, an odd and lovely accomplishment that, upon the thinking of today, threw some Barenaked Ladies into my brain. It’s not the…… Continue reading Who am I (in a non-existential sort of way)?

Self-care is an evolving art.

Self-care is a skill. If you’re lucky, your parents teach you everything you need to know. If you’re unlucky or over forty, it’s less innate and requires more education and practice. I was bad at self-care for a long time. It was the eating disorder and the raging mental illness. My energies were otherwise occupied.…… Continue reading Self-care is an evolving art.

Take the pills (red or blue).

I take psychiatric meds. I’ll probably continue doing so for the rest of my life. My neurochemistry doesn’t work well without outside help. It never bothered me to admit that I take antidepressants, and it didn’t make me ashamed. I embraced my membership in Prozac Nation. I didn’t worry much about the diagnoses either. Maybe…… Continue reading Take the pills (red or blue).