A little bit of clean, a little bit of tidy.

Today is a magic day – the contractor I hired to finish my ensuite arrives. I started the renovation two years ago, just before everything started to go wrong with my parents. It was going to be a group project since they’d done things like this before, but now, not so much. So, someone else is coming to help at last. I’ve reached my limit for an unfinished bathroom space.

I miss the storage.

When you renovate, you do a lot of cleaning and culling, at least I did. I don’t like clutter. I’m not a minimalist, however, though I do follow the Marie Kondo “spark joy” advice about my possessions. I simply don’t mind having multitudes if they make me happy.

You should see my mascara collection, and last I checked, I have one set of eyes. It’s shocking, really, how many different versions of black and black-brown mascaras one thinks one needs. And I’m not going to talk about the eye shadow palettes.

It’s not my fault – they’re all so pretty.

Winners. $9.99. Find fabulous.

I also occasionally cull the digital shelves. I’m not a discriminative consumer of memes. If I like it, I right-click and save to file.

There are a lot of files. But I don’t want to subject them to electronic shredding without paying a few of them forward.

That’s probably enough ado.

You are. True story.

20 thoughts on “A little bit of clean, a little bit of tidy.

  1. Oh, yay!! Befores and afters, please!!

    Eyeshadow palettes—I have a few dozen of them taking up an entire drawer…you never know when you need that one particular shade/shimmer!!

    Beautiful photos!!

    Love the memes too—the stats one, surprisingly, is the one that struck me most. I definitely need to be more grateful.

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    1. Agreed. Water has many moods. It flooded hear a year ago now in December (Fraser Valley Floods of 2021 if you want some impressive Google images). And yet, if we go to long without, I’m distressed.

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