A look inside my brain.

These Monday meme clearance posts are a smidge stressful. For one, I write them in WordPress proper – I usually write in Word before editing, and before copy and paste. I expect more errors this way.

I don’t return much to previous posts, however, so in the real world, it’s not that big of a problem.

It’d be nice if anxiety cared about reality.

Perfectionism is a lifetime problem. If you follow me, that’s not news. It’s one of the original evils, as far as I’m concerned. From perfectionism, much pain flows. It definitely was one of my eating disorder drivers.

Another reason for my stress is that sharing what we like is an intimate insight into who we are – more so than the words we write, perhaps. Those, I curate. Images that tickle for this reason or that perhaps reveal more about the darkness of my soul and my oddly bent sense of humour than I want.

I suppose I could share things that move me as well, but I save fewer of those.

A pity. Sharing the things I find funny feels a little bit like going to the mall naked.

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