I like to move it.

I’ve always had music. I’ve played piano since I was five, and I picked up a few more instruments along the way. I sing. I listen. I dance.

I’m not sure how people don’t have music. I’m not sure how people don’t move to the music. I went to a show put on by The Chicks a few years back. The security guard in our section was a shockingly joyless woman, determined to ensure seated order. Unfortunately for her, we had other plans.

I move it.

Below are a few of the new playlist entries wearing digital grooves in my player. I also tried out the new WordPress pattern template feature. I enjoyed the plug-and-play nature of the experiment, and making links of images was new.

Overall, thumbs up. I’ll probably try it again.

8 thoughts on “I like to move it.

  1. I can relate! I breathe music. I attend a live concert at least three times a month. I have thousands of CDs and vinyl. (I don’t like streaming because I want all the info — who produced, who wrote the songs, etc.) I sing a little bit, but am not professional, though I married a professional musician. Music is playing in our home constantly. I can’t even brush my teeth without music!! 🙂

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