Anniversary reblog: “No” is a complete sentence.

Anniversary reblogs are a thing, especially when your life exploded with the rise of the full moon three days back.

It was extremely bumpy for a bit: luckily, things are starting to settle and calm. Unfortunately, OG writing has taken a back seat. Everything has taken a back seat. Sick parents when they’re older is an eye-opener.

I could’ve lived without the corresponding epiphany.

Anyway, no is a complete sentence. Boundaries.

From famine to feast.

I was driving home the other day when I remembered something: I don’t have to live my life for other people.

This isn’t a new thought, nor is it unique. It’s a thought that has popped up before – one reads about this truth everywhere – but I’ve avoiding dealing with it. The undealt with, however, returns. The thought came back over and over again: it was waiting for me to feel it in my bones.

The truth is both simple and difficult.

I only have to satisfy myself with my choices.

Removing others from the equation didn’t make choice less daunting: even when it affects only me, I struggle to commit to an option. Letting go of the belief that I’m obligated to look after other people’s hopes and fears as I struggle to navigate through life myself can only help: a smaller load is always better.

This doesn’t…

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By Em

I like writing. Words help me unpack my thoughts so that things start to make sense. Once I have both myself and the universe figured out, I plan to take up macrame. "Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go." E. L. Doctorow


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