Important lessons get repeated

The best and worst thing about recovery is the learning. There’s so much of it. I decided shortly before arriving that my last in-patient treatment was going to be the last. It was do-or-die time, not hyperbole considering both the status of my eating disorder and my recent suicide attempt. Attempts screw you up beyond the issues that got you there in the first place. … Continue reading Important lessons get repeated

Love is a verb.

I don’t come from a demonstrative family. We’re not cuddles and hugs. We’re respectful distance and assumptions about feelings. I don’t remember hearing “I love you” much growing up. I don’t remember hearing it said between my parents, and I don’t remember hearing it said to us, though I’m sure it was. My parents say it now, and children are scads more appealing as toddlers. … Continue reading Love is a verb.

How are you brave – eating disorder recovery.

Eating disorders are addiction adjacent. [i] Some people consider eating disorders to be addiction-proper. They follow that model at my last inpatient centre. It does tick a lot of the boxes. It’s beyond our control, for sure. And some of the recovery steps for addiction work well with an ED. I found pursuing them during my last inpatient stay quite helpful. Fearless inventory? Sure, why … Continue reading How are you brave – eating disorder recovery.