The squirrel next door.

I noticed the wasp nest on the neighbour’s gutters first. It was a bit of a “eureka” moment. It’s not that I love wasp’s nests – their stings are a misery – or that I’m participating in a strange geocaching quest, rather, we’ve had an increase in sightings on the back deck and I needed…… Continue reading The squirrel next door.

There’s a cost.

There’s a cost to everything. Consider it carefully. * I got rid of fifteen boxes of comic books recently. They were my brothers’. They were into the comic book scene from the late eighties to the early aughts. Then life took them in different directions. Literally. One moved to New Zealand, the other cross-country to…… Continue reading There’s a cost.

Holding people to account.

I recently read “The Wisdom and Teachings of Stephen R. Covey”. I read it because I like to read and sometimes that includes things that are good for me. I frequent the same catalogue numbers in the non-fiction section of the library, checking for new and never read titles that appeal. I often strike out…… Continue reading Holding people to account.

Confrontation and motivation.

I hate confrontations in an incredibly, big-time way. I’ll do almost anything to avoid them, usually to my detriment. I don’t stand up for myself: I don’t share my feelings if I’ve been hurt. I’m determined not to rock the boat. It’s not a policy that works well. For me, at any rate. It works…… Continue reading Confrontation and motivation.