Titles are annoying, part II: Things I dislike and the upside of reality.

I hate reality at times. My hatred is personal and global.

It’s probably not really hatred. “Hate” is a strong word I try to use sparingly. I want to hold it back, keep the impact intact for situations that are really deserving. Like, “I hate Nazis.”

I dislike reality at times. My dislike is personal and global. Reality is, at times, wholly annoying.

I dislike my body. That’s still number one on my hit list even though I’m working on my recovery. I also dislike my eating disorder, mental illnesses, the paucity of character in politicians, climate change, spiders in the basement, spiders on the main floor, people who litter, greedy people, racists and bigots, excessive use of plastics in packaging, and shoes that make my feet sweat.

I dislike paying for parking at hospitals and I dislike privatized medicine. I dislike corporations that excessively pollute while the pretend to be good global citizens. I dislike hunting for sport. I dislike the big ships that cruise the oceans, traumatizing the fish and mammals that live there in order to transport mostly unnecessary stuff. I dislike the fact that I’m getting older and I’m still stuck in the same patterns. I dislike the last two seasons of Supernatural.

There is, when you get right down to it, a great deal to dislike in this world and this life. Illness, decay, disillusionment, and death. Unequal distribution of resources. Famines. Wars. Environmental collapse. Fat thighs. The inability to acquire a soul mate.

It makes you wonder why any of us go on at all.

Life is full of things to dislike. Life is full of things that annoy.

Except I saw a picture of an elephant laughing in a waterfall the other day. And my cat sat on my lap for an hour purring this morning while I read. And a high-school coach in Oregon stopped a young man from shooting himself at school; he held him and comforted him and got him help. And age-related selfishness aside, my children love me.

And I have concord grapes in the kitchen that I can’t wait to feel explode in my mouth in a perfectly-balanced combination of sweet and tart as the skin slithers off. And there’s a new J. D. Robb book sitting on my bookshelf and the leaves on the dogwood outside the dining room window are a brilliant red.

I saw a picture of a baby duck in someone’s hand and read a story about a farmer rescuing a mama mouse and her babies. I heard about a group of kids raising money for local homeless families by doing bottle drives. And my grandson came running up calling “Nana” and climbed into my lap for a story and a cuddle.

And I realized that yes, reality is hard but disliking it is a choice. It’s like complaining. You don’t actually have to do it; it’s not a requirement. Life is hard, reality is frustrating, there is much to dislike, and existence can be annoying but there are good things in life too. Things that can warm the heart and soul if you pay attention. Things that can make life better if you let them.

What bring you happiness?

13 thoughts on “Titles are annoying, part II: Things I dislike and the upside of reality.

  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    “The inability to acquire a soul mate.” That’s so true and actually am quite intrigued why is there any such need in the first place? Not asking why aren’t we enough for ourselves. Only interested in knowing what does the lack of a soulmate cause in our lives (good or bad)?


  2. Being connected to people, whether it be my friends, the staff at the hospital, the stranger who said hello to me yesterday as our paths crossed, and my friends across the world, such as you Michelle, make me happy.

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  3. First of all you might want to add Read More at the end of posts that continue. All these things you dislike really have nothing to do with you unless in some way you identify with them. The world goes on whether we like everything or nothing.


  4. What about spiders in the attic?
    Yes, there is plenty to complain about. Plenty to dislike. I give myself permission to do so in the name of being a realist. However, I do try to balance it out with the good.

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    1. Oh, I stay out of the attic. I’m reasonably sure all manner of things live up there and they’re welcome to it. They stay in their space, I’ll stay in mine, and all will be well. 🙂

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