I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.


Sunday school is a long time ago, but some things stick with you. Music especially welds itself into my brain, never to be released. This was a good thing when I was performing in various choirs, but annoying when I make myself porridge and the Quaker Oats “we’re going to make a hot cereal lover out of you” ditty starts playing in my brain.

Music often plays in my brain. My brain is fertile earworm ground – the soil in there must be fabulous.

Perhaps I should use more Q-tips?

 One way to beat earworms is to have music playing in the real world, which I mostly do. I think they get distracted by input. I get up in the morning, grab a glass of water, and fire up Spotify or the radio. Music and morning shows, please and thank you. I’m not a fan of talk radio or podcasts in the background. Those things require attention – I save them for the bath.

Music, however, is not the only or even the biggest provider of joy. My son, my children, my family (except when I hate them), my friends (ditto), books, reading (those two things aren’t the same), my collections, plants, nature, especially forests and the ocean (the sharing of which seems to be a bit Captain Obvious. More interesting would be the profile that reads, “I hate stuffed animals, walks in the forest, and kittens.”) – all these things spark joy in me and don’t need to be Marie Kondo-ed.

Maybe the stuffies.

And occasionally the books.

The list of things that bring joy is long, something I forget when I’m in depression’s dark embrace. I should make a list and laminate it. Partly because that would be helpful but mostly because I have a laminator and love encasing things in plastic. Honestly, it’s so much fun. And useful – the CPR training card was dog-eared paper until the laminator came home.

As to what sparks the most joy, my children and family, of course. But music is tied for number two along with reading. I wish I remembered all the songs I’ve loved from forever, but forgetting lets happiness spark when an old favourite appears while looking at candles at Bath and Bodyworks.

I’m going to ignore the fact that the music of my youth is now mall Muzak.

I love that streaming services let you make collections of the music you like. Organizing also brings me joy, so my Spotify playlists are two happy places in one. I always have a current rotation list going, but that doesn’t mean I keep every song on it for always. You have to like a song if you want it in your library forever, and not every song makes the cut. [i]

The “current rotation” playlist isn’t only new music. It’s just what I want to hear most when I’m driving at this point in time. I switch things up on the regular, though most of the music is of the singable persuasion.

Car karaoke forever.

The one I remember was song by a little girl. I liked it better.
I love Ava Max, and this one is giving me serious ABBA vibes.
I could only find the lyric video – I don’t the official is done yet.
He’s such a good writer.
Alessia Cara is such a source of Canadian pride.
Dance, baby.

[i] A lot of people don’t understand ownership as it pertains to digital copies. You own a link. The link takes you to the song/movie/book you “purchase.” But, it only remains active while the provider has a contract to provide it. Should an artist remove their content, your purchase goes with them. This is why I grab hard copies of books I especially love.

4 thoughts on “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.

  1. I agree—music and singing are my biggest joys, right after all the special people in my world. Weirdly, the lyrics to the songs I learned as a kid seem to come back instantly to me, while songs I ‘ve learned as an adult are more of a struggle. It’s weird how memory works!

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  2. We have one playlist of 1000+ songs on shuffle. Ocd does not like to choose songs and we worry we will tire of our favorites by overplaying then (avoiding what we enjoy is a way to hoard still liking it, ocd would tell you)

    We enjoy nature most of all. Throw in a child or a spouse or all of them and we have a road trip, which might be highest joy. And also has contributed to most of our hospitalizations lol because we need space, too! And we suck at asking for it and at getting it

    Younger Child says music is the reason they can stay alive

    Our spotify wrap was marred, infected by our account housing the family playlist. We all drove Younger Child to college this fall and listened to dozens of hours so that our top artists featured our Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac and featured family playlist staples Taylor Swift and One Direction. We don’t detest those; they just aren’t our personal top artists—but spotify begs to differ grrrr

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    1. Spotify can be weird that way. It suggested country artists for me ad nauseum once I added Shania Twain.

      Road trip sounds like fun. I plan to do more of those this year – day trips to explore my local areas more.

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