Reblog: A Pro-Choice Man Grieving Pro-Life Women.

They always seem odd to me, the women who give away the right to control their bodies to men who don’t have their best interests or their backs. But indoctrination is a powerful thing and fundamentalism needs to keep women subordinate if it is to work. John Pavlovitz (the link below) sums it up well: only one of us believes she should have full autonomy over her own body and it isn’t her.

How strange that the US spent so many years fighting for “freedom” in the Middle East only to become the fundamentalist nightmare they promised they were removing. It’s created an interesting new lexicon: I’ve encountered “talibangelical,” “hatriot,” and “y’all Qaeda” and expect more additions as the situation grows worse.

I studied Political Science at university and for a third-year paper posited what would happen should Yugoslavia collapse. When my theorizing was proven mostly correct, I was torn between feeling vindicated and horrified. I find myself in the same place once again. Many of us saw the ugly shift in the former beacon on the hill coming, but to be right remains tragic.

“A Pro-Choice Man Grieving Pro-Life Women.”

Photo credit: Melissa Golden/Redux

2 thoughts on “Reblog: A Pro-Choice Man Grieving Pro-Life Women.

    1. I’m frustrated by people who look at legal principles narrowly. They don’t want abortion. This is admirable. Almost no one wants one. But this is a slippery slope. Republican politicians were discussing banning birth control for unmarried women on MSNBC this weekend.

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