Watching “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

I’ve been watching “Under the Banner of Heaven,” a limited series on Disney+ via Starz by way of Hulu. Only four episodes have been released, so I’m watching it old-school, one episode a week. I’m not a fan of the slow unroll anymore. The frustration is intense. Streaming services trained me to binge-watch the things I like. What’s up with slowing me down now? What’s … Continue reading Watching “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

Reblog: A Pro-Choice Man Grieving Pro-Life Women.

They always seem odd to me, the women who give away the right to control their bodies to men who don’t have their best interests or their backs. But indoctrination is a powerful thing and fundamentalism needs to keep women subordinate if it is to work. John Pavlovitz (the link below) sums it up well: only one of us believes she should have full autonomy … Continue reading Reblog: A Pro-Choice Man Grieving Pro-Life Women.

Karmic anvils.

I try to be a good person. It’s not always easy: I’m a little bit evil. Not evil-evil. Not “enslave a race and destroy an old-growth forest” or “bring back bell-bottoms” evil. I’m more “scathing social media comment” evil. I’m Twitter-mean-evil. Still, the zingers burn my soul. They bring existential angst. Can I call myself a good person if I mock an obvious racist’s grammar … Continue reading Karmic anvils.