Karmic anvils.

I try to be a good person. It’s not always easy: I’m a little bit evil. Not evil-evil. Not “enslave a race and destroy an old-growth forest” or “bring back bell-bottoms” evil. I’m more “scathing social media comment” evil. I’m Twitter-mean-evil. Still, the zingers burn my soul. They bring existential angst. Can I call myself…… Continue reading Karmic anvils.

Suffering is optional.

I’ve been studying religion of late. I’m currently taking a course about Christianity. I remember more than I thought. There’s also much I didn’t know. I just finished day seven: “Death and resurrection, violence, suffering, and justice.”  These topics were not emphasized in Sunday school. There is darkness in the Bible. There’s violence, pain, and…… Continue reading Suffering is optional.

Is God everywhen – random thoughts.

As previously mentioned, I’m trying to understand God. It’s a big job. So far, I’ve come to equate God with sentient energy that is both male and/or female, depending. I’ve also decided that God is everywhere, corporeal and non-corporeal, also depending. I think God takes up a great deal of space. I think that’s where…… Continue reading Is God everywhen – random thoughts.

What is the soul?

What is the soul? Is the soul you? If you is the soul, how does that work for an aetheist? What is their “you” made of? Is it just random electrical impulses that disperse after death? Which is not actually so different than what I believe happens to the soul, minus the dispersal. Is the…… Continue reading What is the soul?