You should be me.

(I’m not writing much these days. The words are trapped inside behind emotions I don’t want to deal with. I miss it, but the wall is impressive. On the bright side, it prevents chaos. And yet.

Once upon a time (or almost five years ago), I wrote more poetry (and published the same on Tumblr). I was looking at some of it yesterday and found something I like. That always surprises me.)

you should be me.

i’m not you and you’re not me.
i find it strange at times,
that we’re different.

you wear the wrong clothes, eat the wrong foods,
hold the wrong opinions.

i’m not sure how you came to think the way you do,
and don’t know why
you can’t just agree with me,
when my perspective is so obviously correct.

we’re not homogenous but it seems to me we should be,
and by homogenous i mean that
i’m right and you’re wrong.

your points of view are incomprehensible,
it’s a mistake when your opinions diverge from my own.
i’m not going to listen to you,
to your ideology and philosophy.

you should listen to me.
pay attention.

it should be obvious that i have the right of it.
my thinking is superior,

my way of life correct.

adapt. adjust.

come over to my side and do things my way.

be with me and mine
instead of with you and yours.

if logic fails, i will harass and berate you
‘til you give in from sheer fatigue, 
‘til you admit i’m right and leave off the debate.

you need to see things from my perspective
and no matter how many names i need to call you,
or how often i have to step on the back of civility,
i will make you listen.

you have to learn my ways, follow my path.
you don’t want to be wrong.
you don’t want to be awful.

differences are no longer okay,
it’s become apparent that we cannot tolerate them.

everything must be binary and simple.
there are no greys.

uniformity will suppress the need for arguments.
and for thinking.

suck it up. embrace the party line.

if you were a good person on any level, we’d already be in sync.

if we’re not then that’s on you.

if you aren’t with me, then you’re them, you’re other.

we can’t talk out our disagreements.

we don’t speak the same language.

learn mine if you want to be on my team.

different is a disgrace.

your wrong and i refuse to listen,
so the failure of our dialogue is on you.

you refuse to see the light, no matter how loudly i explain.  

your fears, your reasons, your feelings, your arguments,
they're irrelevant.

i don’t care to hear them,
your thoughts are of no account.

don’t talk to me unless you’ve seen the error of your ways.

correct yourself and join with me.

it’s no good until we are all the same.
march in lockstep my way.

13 thoughts on “You should be me.

  1. “…the wall is impressive. On the bright side, it prevents chaos.” This is a beautifully expressed sentiment that I can wholly identify with. The problem for me is that eventually the wall breaks, and all that chaos comes tumbling down at my feet. Being forced to deal with my emotions is often much harder than stepping into the corral behind the wall and roping them one at a time. I hope you can return to a place of writing soon, Ms. Em! 🥰

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