Streaming selections: what do I listen to?

Streaming is a popular music-listening choice these days. You pay a monthly fee and get unlimited access to your company of choice’s library. They’re extensive, and most artists cross-post: you’re not indicating allegiance with your company selection. Except for Garth Brooks. It’s one of the reasons I added Spotify. Two, however, proved stressful.

After months of running both, I finally cancelled my iTunes because I wasn’t running both. I paid for both but listened to Spotify – their interface is nicer, and they do a better job of streaming my son’s music. My timing could’ve been better: their choice to ally with Joe Rogan instead of Neil Young is mind-blowingly wrong.

I’ve been removing most of my streaming duplications. I don’t utilize the layers of platforms despite spending money. Streamlining down to Spotify and Disney+ it is.

Cancelling my iTunes subscription didn’t completely delete my iLibrary – pre-streaming, I bought many a song, and they remained loaded and ready to play. It’s not about my current phone – that’s where Spotify and its endless catalogue reside. However, in the basement lives an old iPhone 4 that soundtracks my workouts. It’s an un-updateable relic (thanks, Apple), but because of those old purchases, the beat plays on.   

The best part about online music for me, aside from the music, is the ease of organization. Addressing a mood is easier when you curate your interests: do I wallow in sadness or dance it out? All hail the digital playlist.

I start a new, personal playlist every New Year’s Day. I have others – dance, country, and soundtracks, to name a few – but “Stuff I currently like” is most often what’s blasting out on repeat. I used to revisit my old lists as blasts from the past, but they vanished into the ether once Apple believed I was serious about not sending them any more money.

There’s a cost to the convenience of streaming beyond cheating artists out of large chunks of money – preservation for posterity is only possible with ownership.

My 2022 list of things I so far like.
Back in the day.
Dancing makes a lot of things seem better.

Bloganuary 28: what’s on your playlist?

14 thoughts on “Streaming selections: what do I listen to?

  1. I like the tradition of starting playlists every year on the same day. It would be an awesome tool to use when you want to go back and see how things have changed (or not). Back in the day, when I would load all my CDs onto a computer and listen to those songs, I’d load all songs onto the list and hit ‘shuffle.’ Playlists my artist were also useful.

    Kudos to you for not having seven different streams!

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