250 words about writer’s block.

I think I have writer’s block. We’ll go with that, anyway. I write, I just hate every bit of what I produce. It’s stilted and never what I’m trying to say. The Recycle Bin on my desktop is getting a workout.

(A brief pause as I change the channel on the background noise. “Dr. Phil” is not something I’m willing to tolerate.)

Maybe I’m overwhelmed. More and more things seem to pile on top of my already-large piles. There’s my eating disorder recovery, my mental illness management, my cancer, my various relationship issues, my mom’s cancer, my dad’s COPD and memory issues, and my ongoing, chronic pain situation. Add paternalistic and insulting doctors to the mix, and the recipe’s complete.

Maybe something had to give and “something” was writing? Personal conversations are a better idea than pointed, passive aggressive posts, anyway. Though how passive aggressive are they, if the people you’re referencing sotto voce don’t read the blog?

I’ve been productive if we’re discussing non-Nora Roberts-style pursuits. I started writing in my diary again, got back to my meditating and gratitude practices, and reconfigured my exercise routine. I got crafty, and got going on the neglected housework and yardwork. I even scheduled appointments, something my anxiety hates.

(Out there and talking to people: are you kidding me?)

My dentist may tsk over yet another failing tooth, but my first appointment with a recommended accupuncturist will hopefully ease the sting. In a metaphorical sort of way.

(The word count’s a guess. I hope I’m close.)

14 thoughts on “250 words about writer’s block.

  1. You’ve definitely highlighted writer’s block in its most basic form here: You hate everything you produce.

    When I get writer’s block, I make myself publish the crappiest things I can think of, just to spite myself. That’ll teach me to have ‘writer’s block’.

    Hope you find something that works for you!

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  2. Scheduling appointments… people still do that now?

    257 words – that’s a damn good guess!

    I have no dental coverage now, plus I hate going to the dentist anyway, so it’ll be a good long while before I make a repeat visit, unless teeth start rotting.

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  3. There is a thing in photography called curation where your let new stuff sit for a while and look at it again at a later date with fresh eyes. You might want to try it, just save everything in a folder for a week or so then edit or throw it away (not that I have ever actually done that).

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  4. I don’t see writer’s block as hating what you write.
    As of late, I know I will hate what I write, so I don’t write. Or I just don’t feel the want to do it. I also don’t think that’s writer’s block.
    To me, it’s sitting down, writing, and then not being able to produce anything past a word or two.
    That’s quite a list of stuff you have going on there. Even I had to just pause and take a breath as I read through it.
    May the force be with you.

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  5. I can only share my experience, strength, and Hope. 🤗

    I believe I am most successful in writing when I refuse to be an editor on the fly.

    I believe I cannot be a good rewriter unless I have fully allowed myself to have free expression in my writing.

    When I successfully separate the process of creative writing from the housekeeping of proper editing, I end up with the most satisfying product.


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