Therapy Tools for Mental Health — Mental Health @ Home

I don’t currently do therapy and haven’t had a lot of success with it in the past, but I’m very pro-therapy in general. I’ve picked up a collection of therapy tools from CBT, DBT, and various others that are handy to pull out of the toolbox as needed. 28 more words

Therapy Tools for Mental Health — Mental Health @ Home

This is a fantastic list of techniques and tools to help you navigate your way through recovery and life. I’d recommend saving it in some fashion. I’m a little old-school with recovery, so I’ll print some off and add them to the appropriate binder. Browser bookmarks are good too, though.

7 thoughts on “Therapy Tools for Mental Health — Mental Health @ Home

  1. Much appreciated, Michelle…thank you. I’m waiting on a call back from a recovery center nearby, but everything is virtual right now. I somehow don’t think that will help as much, but it’s better than nothing. And I have a psychiatrist that I see every 2 months for medication management, and a therapist that has dealt with eating disorders before. Every little bit helps.

    Hate being so dependent, but I’m glad I’m pursuing rational things. I just need to be physically with the person that is going to try to help me. The voice isn’t “enough.” I don’t know why…it’s almost like I can’t hear it unless I have a visual to go with the voice, which is why my photos with my posts mean so much to me.

    Does that make any sense?


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    1. The voice isn’t enough because we’re liars. That’s what I explained to one counsellor. Over the phone is difficult for me because even if I want help, I automatically default to lying to them about the degree to which things are a problem.

      I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but I do know I need in-person or at least face-to-face. Fingers crossed you get what you need. 😊


  2. Some really intriguing stuff.
    Vicious flower just looks like a lot of work, though.
    I feel like the Behavior Chain Analysis should be more widely used. Not many know why they act the way they act and this could help them get to the root of the problem and better themselves. I definitely use that. Not on paper, but in my head.
    I also have my own version of a soothing box, which I don’t use often these days but that is still filled with things that destress me. It’s a fantastic idea. Like a mental first aid kit.

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