Not nearly enough editing.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve arrogantly decided to put together a “best of” for publication. It’ll be an e-book mostly with on-demand printing as an option. Or not. I haven’t looked into it in any great detail: I’m still finishing the book draft although I hear Canva is the place to be for self-publishers.

I’d wanted to be done by the end of January but time got the best of me. Nevertheless, I’m at chapter eleven of twelve: I feel good about that. It’s a far cry from the me of years back when perfection was the only acceptable result. Now I only feel that way some of the time.

The interesting thing about the revisiting is seeing what’s changed and what hasn’t. More than I thought but less than I’d hoped for is where I’m at these days, in terms of progress.

Hopefully, I’m better at proofreading and less pretentious.

Hopefully but probably not. No doubt this will sound as awful to me three years hence as the pieces from 2018 do now.

The most recent update’s original and clever title was: “My eating disorder.” I’m not sure more mundane was possible.

6 thoughts on “Not nearly enough editing.

  1. Hahaha reading back old things can be one of the worst experiences a writer goes through! 😂 But I guarantee it won’t read as bad to other people as you think it does. The proof is in the pudding. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of your posts over the years.

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