Conversations with myself – random Sunday thoughts.

I often have conversations with myself. I end up in odd places.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of the world. It seemed appropriate, given that we are in a global pandemic. I was thinking about the concept of nations.

I started off thinking about “illegals”; “irregulars” as they’re called in my country. I was thinking about how some people get enraged by the idea that they might receive any state benefits.

I was thinking about how some people are enraged by the idea of irregulars voting.

I was thinking that politicians get too much money from big donors and rich people and corporate interests. If they want to be in politics, they should put more of their skin in the game. It should cost them.

I thought, why not let irregulars vote? Mostly they work. They pay taxes. Why do we have irregulars at all? We could have more customs and immigration staff and push through residencies more quickly. Fast track skill transfers too; it’s egregious that the lovely man who takes my money at my local corner store, who works two jobs to feed his family, does so because the fees associated with having his Electrical Engineer (MA) degree reviewed and accepted is in the five digits. Surgeons driving cabs is also an utter waste of resources.

Why do we have nations at all? Why can’t it mostly be free movement? In the developed world, most people would stay put. Most of us aren’t nomads. But what of developing nations?

“Developing nations” is a nice way of saying “poor countries with bad leadership that we exploit”. It makes us feel better. A lot of life is sales.

I guess we should get busy raising the standard of living in those places. There’s no reason the developed countries can’t make things more equal. It’s simply in their interest not to. Cheap labour, for one.

I have no idea how the global economy should work but I’m pretty sure corporate democracy and consumer-based capitalism aren’t serving the majority of us well.

But I think we’d still need regional divisions, pretty much like the nations we have now. Because some people aren’t very nice and we need to have their movements constrained. If you can’t play nicely and all that. Plus, there are bureaucratic necessities that need to be attended to: education, healthcare, fire and police, infrastructure, licensing and regulations, and so on. This works better when you have a designated geographical area.

But for the most part, I think the people who want to move, should be able to move. And conservatives wouldn’t have to worry so much about people running away from their homes to seek a better life if they put more effort into levelling the playing field. What’s wrong with demanding a better standard of living for all?

I have no idea what any of this means. I have no game plan. It’s just a conversation I had with myself one morning.

7 thoughts on “Conversations with myself – random Sunday thoughts.

  1. Great points and ones that I often consider. Living in south Florida these are very real issues. Immigration here is a huge hot button topic. I am very liberal minded so….. in my opinion humans willing to risk their lives and the lives of their children are doing so under extreme duress and not to “suck off the system”. But that’s my opinion or internal conversation.

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    1. It must be very interesting to be on the frontline of such a “hot” issue. Difficult too. But, my opinion mirrors yours; nobody endures what they endure for kicks.

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  2. I have these conversations with myself also. From what I can see, you’re having intelligent conversations that would be of benefit to all of us if ALL of us would reflect on these topics through common sense and honesty and a sincere desire to help the world, as opposed to through partisanship, “isms,” self-concern and greed. I applaud you.

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  3. Sadly we, ourselves, are the only ones we can have these conversations with. If spoken aloud, in the public arena, we open ourselves up for harsh judgment, and the slash and burn of irrationally elevated criticism.

    As I see it: in all other ways we’ve become a global society EXCEPT with regards to people. Living as if Nation States still exist is killing us as human beings. We are ALL people, just as you say. I absolutely agree with your entire post.
    I’m disgusted with the forced segregation of people. And yeah, segregation has been abolished but only on paper. Perhaps my views are so strong because I lived overseas in a small country, for 18 months, a country who’s way of life was completely different. When I came back I never fully adjusted. The nationalistic cover over my eyes have been peeled away. I see the arrogance (of first world countries) and irrational opinions of the general public based on political sound bites. It hurts, and there’s nothing I can do so I have to set it aside. This is yet another reason I stopped watching the news years ago. I can only hope that someday in the far future, we’ll grow up.

    You are brave to write this post. I applaud your courage.

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    1. Thank you. I find the rise in nationalism frustrating as well, along with the screaming cries of “globalism” which so many both view as a bad thing and have absolutely no understanding of. How lucky you got to live somewhere else. I hope it was a fantastic experience.

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