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the first thing i do in the morning, after i get up, start the coffee maker, and curse the toaster oven which refuses to work no matter how many times we replace it, is to settle in to read blog posts on WordPress. it’s a way to ensure that the morning doesn’t start off on a sour note.

some of the posts are hard to read, but it’s different than the tribal ugliness that is increasingly common online. i prefer feeling sad and empathetic towards other’s problems or interested and fascinated while learning something new to the ugly ranting that occurs in the twitterverse.

what i learned is that today is world mental health day. i feel like i should have known it was coming, but then, i often feel out of the loop. still, i will stand proud today – i have mental health issues and i’m past being ashamed by that. it’s a part of me, though not the whole of me, just like having green eyes isn’t the whole of me.

i also found out that i was tagged by Muted Mouthful, a brilliant blogger whose work and honesty i admire, to participate in the “pick me up playlist” challenge created by Laura Spoonie. this is cool; starting the day writing is always good for the mood – i feel like i’ve been productive and that always helps me feel better.

of course, that was before the panic set in. ten favourite songs and why i like them. a challenge. i love music, but outside of the car i’ve been avoiding it for a while. part of the whole “don’t do nice things for yourself” issue i suffer from. still, even though i don’t play music that much at home, i compulsively add songs to my current playlist (thanks, apple music) and when i’m really down, going for a drive and blasting the tunes while i sing along really helps.

here are ten songs i love, in no particular order.

  1. bui-doi, from “miss saigon”
    1. it means “dust of life” and it refers to the children left behind by soldiers in areas of combat. it sounds like it should be depressing but it’s beautiful to listen to and ends on a high note.


  1. american pie, by don mclean
    1. another song that’s full of harsh and depressing imagery that somehow, in the end, leaves me feeling better. perhaps because i love to sing along.


  1. give me one reason, by trach chapman
    1. because it’s tracy chapman – what else needs to be said?


  1. one call away, by charlie puth
    1. because who doesn’t need to know that there will be someone there for you, no matter what.


  1. rise, by katy perry
    1. if i could pick an anthem, this might be it.
      1. “i won’t just survive, oh you will see me thrive…” chills.


  1. so close, by jon mclaughlin
    1. this is from “enchanted”. i do have an affection for musicals and i like this one because in my heart of hearts, i still hope for an epic, happily-ever-after kind of love.


  1. unwell, by matchbox 20
    1. i like to listen to this one when i’m feeling particularly dark.
      1. “i’m not crazy, i’m just a little unwell…” unwell seems like a good word to describe how i’m feeling a lot of the time.


  1. 50 ways to say goodbye, by train
    1. it’s funny as hell and great to dance about the kitchen to.


  1. show me how you burlesque, by christina aguilera
    1. another musical and this one is fast and fun and gets you on your feet.


  1. don’t stop me now, by queen
    1. this was ranked as the happiest song in the world by some survey or other and it always makes me feel cheery.


ten people i tag:


rules for playing

  • link back to the “pick me up playlist” creator – laura spoonie
  • tag the blogger who nominate you – muted mouthful
  • mention how music helps your mental health
  • list 10 songs that you would consider to be a part of your “pick me up playlist” (optional: explain why each song is on your list).
  • tag 10 other bloggers to join in with the “pick me up playlist” challenge.

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