A shocking relief.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy trying to control life. Trying to be perfect because perfect meant control and control meant safe and the lack thereof meant terrifying and unimaginable chaos during which it would be revealed that I was a horrifyingly awful specimen of humanity. Since this was not a revelation…… Continue reading A shocking relief.

The Seven Functions of the Mind.

I’m a fan of Stoicism, for all that I’m still a baby stoic and thus don’t have an expert opinion. But when has a lack of knowledge stopped anyone from pontificating? I’m still a beginner, just wading into the waters, picking up bits of the philosophy here and there and incorporating it in much the…… Continue reading The Seven Functions of the Mind.

Where are they now?

I have a secret that embarrasses me a little. I love celebrity gossip. I love “finding out” secrets – even when I know the gossip probably isn’t true. I love stories about stars behaving badly. I love looking at pictures of pretty people doing exotic things. I love “look how crappy they look in real…… Continue reading Where are they now?

Attachment: books and bears.

I struggle with attachments. I struggle with letting go of things. I suspect I am not unique.
I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Buddhist writings. The idea of attachment is regularly referenced. The goal is to accept the concept of non-attachment. I’m nowhere close to doing that…