Life lessons: catch them, don’t duck.

We start learning with our first breath, and from what I can tell, it’s a pattern that continues. Unless you close yourself off from it, learning for people happens to infinity and beyond. I like to learn, though we all have different things that grab us. I like this, and you like that, which has been true since it all began. It’s a good thing; … Continue reading Life lessons: catch them, don’t duck.

A shocking relief.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy trying to control life. Trying to be perfect because perfect meant control and control meant safe and the lack thereof meant terrifying and unimaginable chaos during which it would be revealed that I was a horrifyingly awful specimen of humanity. Since this was not a revelation I relished, what followed was decades of starving, bingeing, purging, … Continue reading A shocking relief.

The Seven Functions of the Mind.

I’m a fan of Stoicism, for all that I’m still a baby stoic and thus don’t have an expert opinion. But when has a lack of knowledge stopped anyone from pontificating? I’m still a beginner, just wading into the waters, picking up bits of the philosophy here and there and incorporating it in much the same fashion. My theme for 2020 – be a good … Continue reading The Seven Functions of the Mind.