Take heart – knowing yourself is hard.

I suppose I could blame it on the full moon, but since I straddle the line between believing and disbelieving in lunar influences, I’m going to give that a pass. I change my mind on this from moment to moment. I believed in the power of the moon absolutely when it hung full overhead the…… Continue reading Take heart – knowing yourself is hard.

A shocking relief.

I’ve spent an enormous amount of time and energy trying to control life. Trying to be perfect because perfect meant control and control meant safe and the lack thereof meant terrifying and unimaginable chaos during which it would be revealed that I was a horrifyingly awful specimen of humanity. Since this was not a revelation…… Continue reading A shocking relief.

Do we want what we want?

I’ve been thinking it might be time to send myself off to the repair shop. It’s spring, after all, time for renewing oneself body, mind, and spirit, current global challenges notwithstanding. I’ve been having a few issues. Things aren’t running as smoothly as I’d like. The engine occasionally overheats and there are other problems to…… Continue reading Do we want what we want?

Arrogance is not required.

Arrogance is the quality of being arrogant. An utterly useless statement, of course. Circular definitions are unhelpful most of the time. I find arrogance interesting. I find it interesting because I too often find myself engaging in it. I recognize it when it creeps up on me and changes my tone of voice and body…… Continue reading Arrogance is not required.