Is God everywhen – random thoughts.

As previously mentioned, I’m trying to understand God. It’s a big job. So far, I’ve come to equate God with sentient energy that is both male and/or female, depending. I’ve also decided that God is everywhere, corporeal and non-corporeal, also depending. I think God takes up a great deal of space. I think that’s where the “God is everywhere” comes from. This means any manifestation … Continue reading Is God everywhen – random thoughts.

What’s better than flickers in the spring?

I know spring has sprung when my morning slumber gets shattered by what sounds like a waterfall of ball bearings raining down on the metal vent covers on the roof. The flickers are back. I love them, really I do, especially mid-morning or later when they rat-a-tat-tat to each other from the trees in the woods behind my house. Early-morning Morse code on metal is … Continue reading What’s better than flickers in the spring?

Sex and religion.

Given the choice between having to discuss my sex life and having to discuss my spiritual beliefs, I’d choose the former every time. Not because doing so would be comfortable; I’m a fairly private person despite the blogging, not at all sanguine about sharing my kinks. What happens in Vegas and all that. No, I’d pick the sex option because discussing religion and spirituality makes me uncomfortable down to my bones… Continue reading Sex and religion.