The trees are making me feral.

The good thing about hard times is they make us philosophical. Very little helpful philosophy comes from a week at a tropical all-inclusive, except that one should balance water and alcohol carefully, and sunscreen is never a bad idea. I noticed the misery-philosophy connection early on. I made any number of philosophical insights in the…… Continue reading The trees are making me feral.

Karmic anvils.

I try to be a good person. It’s not always easy: I’m a little bit evil. Not evil-evil. Not “enslave a race and destroy an old-growth forest” or “bring back bell-bottoms” evil. I’m more “scathing social media comment” evil. I’m Twitter-mean-evil. Still, the zingers burn my soul. They bring existential angst. Can I call myself…… Continue reading Karmic anvils.

Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

I took a social media vacation a few weeks back, and I have to say, it ended up being a good thing. I felt better, calmer and more at ease within a few days. I’m back now, I’m allowed to play once more, but I find I’m mostly staying away. The break allowed me to…… Continue reading Updates: editing, renovating, and death.

Love, belonging, and bathtubs.

I had a few thoughts while lying in the bath. It’s my new smoking: I think of things I might want to write about there. It’s less convenient: the inspiration that occurred while puffing was easy to add to my phone for later fleshing out. I don’t keep my phone next to the tub for…… Continue reading Love, belonging, and bathtubs.