Staying safe with counting: fun with OCD.

It occurred to me that some people might consider my title disrespectful – oh well. I thought about changing it, but decided not to. I also couldn’t decide if I should include a trigger warning, but since my “about” page mentions mental illness early on, I think we’ll consider it said.   I count. I’ve mentioned…… Continue reading Staying safe with counting: fun with OCD.

I changed my number.

I count. Not all the time, but not infrequently enough for the behaviour to surprise me when I notice. At least I count in my head most of the time. Doing that type of thing out loud brings questions I prefer not to answer. Ditto to all the oddities I sometimes exhibit – perhaps my…… Continue reading I changed my number.

Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

My garage door had some work done. The other doors are going to talk – it looks five years younger, all shiny with a lustrous dark brown coat. New paint. The TLC was overdue. I’ve lived here for twelve years and prior to last week, the only maintenance the door received was an occasional drive-by…… Continue reading Perfectionism, a garage door, and some compulsivity.

Watching “The Faculty”.

I haven’t been watching “The Faculty” and that’s a bit of a problem. “The Faculty” is a movie from 1998, yet another reworking of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This one takes place in a high school. The adults, as expected, are either oblivious or useless so it’s up to the high-school heroes to…… Continue reading Watching “The Faculty”.