spring morning.

I can’t write. It’s not working for me right now. I think it’s because I’ve got things locked up tight. There’s too much going on, too much that has to get done, and too many petty grievances. If I let things go, only a crater will remain. Perhaps I can send out invitations to those who annoy? I do find water painting to be a … Continue reading spring morning.

A new post about status updates.

I have a post about Facebook nearly ready to go: this isn’t that one. This is also written in the app, so the potential for massive numbers of errors is making me anxious. I’m sorry in advance for those that will inevitably show up. When I win the lottery, I’m renewing my subscription to Grammarly. I’m sorry too to the people I follow and normally … Continue reading A new post about status updates.

Agelessness – a few random thoughts

I don’t feel young, I know that for sure. I remember what young feels like and this isn’t it. I don’t think I feel old either, although perhaps I do. Perhaps this is what old feels like? Perhaps there is no old. Perhaps there’s just evolution. No graduated stages of mental cognition. No aging over the whole of your life. Just young brains and mature … Continue reading Agelessness – a few random thoughts