The horror of hot flashes.

A few years back, a close friend slid all the way into menopause and started having hot flashes. Being a forty-something woman, I was aware of their existence but she was my first experience in the flesh, so to speak. My mother never experienced them. Menstruation stopped and that was pretty much it for her.…… Continue reading The horror of hot flashes.

When the meds start to work.

I think the medications are starting to work. After nearly half a year with serious depression and eight weeks at the “things are getting fairly dire” level, my psychiatrist finally upped the dose on one of my meds. It’s now over the recommended limit but that doesn’t particularly worry me. They build a lot of…… Continue reading When the meds start to work.

Sometimes I skip a dose.

I take antidepressants three times a day, every day. Twenty milligrams of Trintellix and twenty of Latuda. The latter is a bit of a misery. It locks up the muscles in my face and causes tongue twitches. Really. It’s why I pushed dinner back to eight o’clock. I take the drugs with food, so if I can eat late, I only have to be awake with the side effects for a short while.
Sometimes, I skip a dose…