You say “bitch” like it’s a bad thing.

Would you like to know my definition of bitch? Beauty In Total Control, Honey. [i] My brain is calmer today and I haven’t even picked up the meds my psychiatrist added to my regimen to make it shut up. I need to reset to a state where I can manage my dysfunction. The drug’s called loxapine, and the reviews on effectiveness by people who’re struggling … Continue reading You say “bitch” like it’s a bad thing.

Why did I react so strongly?

I didn’t love my therapy appointment this week. I felt absent. I didn’t talk about what was bothering me except in the most sideways of fashions. I got there after discussing everything and everything else. A side note as I was leaving. “By the way, I think my depression is getting worse.” Except, I think I was mistaken. I’m depressed, it’s true, but that’s not … Continue reading Why did I react so strongly?

Spring cleaning and mental health.

I like spring cleaning. Not the cleaning part, per se. That part is less than thrilling: the first thing that happens after I win the lottery is the hiring of someone to clean my homes. Okay, maybe the third thing after vacation and real estate moguldom. But since neither dusting nor vacuuming makes me rapturous, domestic duties will get farmed out right quick. The organizing … Continue reading Spring cleaning and mental health.