Attachment: books and bears.

I struggle with attachments. I struggle with letting go of things. I suspect I am not unique.
I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Buddhist writings. The idea of attachment is regularly referenced. The goal is to accept the concept of non-attachment. I’m nowhere close to doing that…

The gap between knowing and feeling.

““As soon as we realize that in this very moment we already have enough, and we already are enough, true happiness becomes possible.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
I read that this morning, after getting up, after getting dressed – no makeup but we do the best we can – putting on some jewellery, eating breakfast, and journaling. And, through it all, I felt like shit. I couldn’t maintain the moment. I was not enough…”

Does depression make you a better person?

Some people believe bad things happen to teach us valuable lessons. That hard times lead to better ones. That misery has a purpose. Many of us believe this our whole lives, despite evidence to the contrary.

We don’t like to think things just happen. We don’t like the idea of random chance…